Welcome to Tacklebox Travels

We are considered a couple who love the waters and great outdoors. In the poetry world this means we are moonwalkers. We strive to enjoy roads and waters less traveled in our great state, Montana. Follow our journeys as we travel on mini breaks to eat, fish, hunt, and stay in the lesser known destinations. As we travel we always have a purpose for the trip and many times it has to do with our Tacklebox Bag business.

We love to share our little state and all it has to offer from a variety of angles with our readers.

This is my favorite photo for several reasons! First it means we are very close to our summer home at the lake. The last long road before we turn off to the camper. Secondly it is what Pat and I consider a honor and privilege’s to see. We live in a great state and country no matter what politics are happening and we respect those who have signed on the dotted line to protect our country from harm. We appreciate the farmer who takes the time to put this huge flag up and to let all of us enjoy it as we travel the road.

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